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Deer off Review – The Herculean Animal Repellant?

Deer Off is brought to you by Havahart and is designed to successfully repel deer, rabbits, squirrels or those kinds of uninvited guests off your garden. The formula behind Deer Off includes some ingenious ingredients like putrescent egg solid, capsaicin (a special chemical element in peppers, which give the hot taste and flavor) and garlic. When Deer Off is applied to garden plants, it can keep those hungry deer, rabbits or squirrels from feasting on your beloved plants. A lot of people found the ingredients in it really effective. Just imagine the impacts of putrescent egg or garlic! Do you think those dudes could really stand the extra hot flavor poured by capsaicin?

Once applied, the Deer Off impact is supposed to last for 3 months or so. After that, you would need to reapply it to the plants. Fortunately, Deer Off has been designed as an extremely weather resistant repellant. Thus, even though your garden is showered by heavy rains, you’ll keep enjoying the Deer Off protection for keeping your plants well protected from animals like rabbits or deer. So there you go… Deer Off –

• Is easy to apply.

• Keeps deer from gulping down everything in their sight.

• Is fairly effective.

• Is an environmentally friendly product and does a fine job.

• Can help deterring deer from gulping your landscaping as well as flowers.

And it's safe as well if you to put the solution on all your plants. According to the claims of the company, you can put them on even the edible fruits or vegetables, though the formula can be very strong and may affect the flavor of your fruits and vegetables. But there’s a word of caution here. You should apply Deer Off only on the fruits and vegetables which have tough and rather thick skin that’ll be peeled off before eating. Putting this the other way around, you should not apply this product on fruits or vegetables that feature slim outer layer. Same goes for the edible things that are consumed without peeling off the layer.

Deer Off now is being sold in a few different ways. You can buy it in a concentrated form. You can also buy premixed ones that are sold in bottles and are ready to spray. Surely, the premixed version is rather easy to use. It calls for no additional preparation on the part of the users. You will have to only spray it onto your plants and you'll start enjoying impressively long term protection with your plants.

Actually, the concentrated version calls for some more work, since you’ll have to blend it with water all by yourself. Fortunately, precise instructions are provided with the product packaging. In addition to all that, you’ll also need to a special device so you can apply the mix. An easy pressurized sprayer will suffice, though. There’s no need for you to invest anything in anything expensive. But it’s a must that you have the essential device if you’re planning to use the concentrated version of Deer Off. Just in case you don’t have the recommended type of device to spray the concentrated version, you should try and use something that works as a close substitute to that. But be sure to use something that doesn’t get clogged while spraying the mix.

But the thing is that, people are more interested in buying the concentrated version, since it’s much cheaper compared to its premixed counterpart. Then again, you are getting more of Deer Off if you buy the product sold as smaller bottled version. And buying the smaller bottles usually turns out to be a greener and more economical choice.

If you’ve only got a narrow selection of plants and there are less frequent rainfalls, this is your animal repellant!! You can also use Deer Off as an effective change-off from similar types of repellents, since it has peppers among the key ingredients. But like said earlier, you should seriously consider whether you really need the ready-mix sprayer, since the concentrated version is more economic. But for those who are reluctant about taking the troubling of mixing water into the concentrated solution, the ready-mix version does make sense. And no matter what, it’s always good to be realistic with your expectations when you’re using an animal repellant.

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