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Different Types of Deer Fence and How they Can Help Protect Your Property and Greenery

For a lot of people in the US, the name of the BIG problem is - deer. But there are different types of deer fences to help protect your personal property or greenery. Did you know the major categories of deer fencing? Read on to explore!

Deer fencing can vary in terms of price, "invisibility," efficiency and durability. Traditional deer fencing were made out of heavy metal. They’re effective and very durable. Still, they’re the relatively expensive ones. Another problem is that, those high barriers did not blend easily in the landscape. So we’ll in brief touch some pros and cons of different kinds of deer fences.

Electric deer fences are among the cheapest kind of deer fences. Usually, they consist of a wire or several wires strung rather low to the length of the preferred border. The good side of an electric deer fence is that it’s good in instances when the traditional deer fencing height might seem like an eyesore. On the other hand, an electric deer fence might be a poor option where kids or pets are present. Bear in mind that the electric deer fences are can be baited. And here the intent is to get the deer to a mild shock, which dispirits it from intruding your garden area in future.

Then again, a special variety of this kind of deer fences is the product widely known as ‘wireless deer fence’. Here, the baited posts (there’s not any deer fencing, as such) are set on the deer’s paths and they are lead to your property (usually to any special specimens) which that don’t really contain any valuable deer-resistant plants. Being lured to these baited posts, these animals get a mild electric shock. This discourages future attacks in your yard.

On the other hand, a polypropylene mesh made deer fence is pricier compared to the electric deer fencing. And it’s cheaper compared to traditional deer fencing. While mesh deer fencing happens to be nearly invisible and durable, they won’t prove as long-lasting (and as tough) as the traditional deer fences. There are different variations of mesh deer fencing. For instance, one of them is made out of metal but it comes with black polyethylene coating, to make it much less visible. And such kind of deer fences are pricier compared to mesh deer fences but fortunately, they are more durable.

Did you ever consider getting a deer fence that features fixed knotted woven wires? Such a woven wire fence protects your gardens, plants or landscape from the most desperate bucks. This kind of fence is prepared from special fixed knot heavy tensile wires. Every roll of deer fence is 330-inch long and 8-inch high. Its strength allows you to place posts at 20 feet interval, since the installation costs are low this way. On the other hand, these fixed knot fencing are made out of class-3 galvanized materials to ensure better durability. And they’re simply ideal for larger yards, lawns, garden orchard or vineyard applications. Many of these deer fence models feature twenty horizontal lines. Moreover, they’re 96-inch in height and 12-inch between the vertical stays. A standard roll shouldn’t weigh over 290 lbs.

When you shop for deer fences, you got to consider a few things, though. It is wise to buy something that has been specially developed to ensure easy installation and maintenance for many years. As opposed to substandard deer fencing, a good quality deer fence easily attaches to the existing trees. Then again, if you have an area which has no trees, buying compatible support posts always remains an option. For added protection to your property, you can use heavy duty deer fence (the conventional ones are stronger, like said before) which are 65% stronger compared typical deer fences.

In fact, there’re various kinds of deer fencing commercially sold these days. Like said earlier, you can’t always rely on the traditional perimeter fences which are made out of electric fence materials. Despite their utility and durability, they had been unappealing and hard to maintain. Fortunately, you can choose from the wide selection of modern versions of deer fence products, which are more humane and environmentally friendly. You can always choose form them in keeping with your needed durability, budget or appearance requirements.
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