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The Nitty-Gritty of Deer Alerts - What do the Latest Technology Have to Offer?

Did you know that every year on an average, around 300 people pass away due to 1.5 million collisions between cars and deer? This cost car drivers their insurance companies more than $1 billion. This has been confirmed by the insurance industry-funded research report in 2003. Another research revealed that the nationwide deer population already has puffed-up from the 10 million level of the 80s, to today’s 35-million mark! Believe it or not, the average projected cost of repairing following the deer collision is $2400. But an investment of $40 might help reduce the odds of running into a deer-car collision! We are about to discuss how deer alerts can help prevent that.

Is your ride safe? Some parts of the US are sanctuaries for deer and you never know when you run into one. Fortunately, electronic deer alert devices are designed to warn deer, moose, pets or similar types of animals about your approaching car from as much as 1,500 feet distance. There are different types of deer alerts, though. While some come as portable magnetic mount design with a power adapter, you could also find alert devises that are made of different technologies. However, the magnet units are highly convenient since they are installable in a matter of seconds and you don’t need to hit the car workshop for installation.

Deer alert devices can help prevent human and animal injuries. They are useful for preventing expensive damages caused by automobile collisions with different types of animals. A standard alert device can produce alternating audible as well as ultrasonic sounds for different types of animals. Some special sonic tones are meant to alert bigger animals like deer, while ultrasonic tones are meant to alert minor animals like cats or rabbits. Some devices are wind-activated. But you want to buy an alert device which is capable of preventing vehicle crashes with animals at virtually all speeds. And it should have the capacity to be turned on whenever you want.

A good quality deer alert gadget won’t get clogged with dirt, debris and grime. So check whether the deer alerts you’re eyeing on is resistant to those kinds of things. Standard 12V devices are come with 3.5 to 5.5 kHz capacity at 89dB level. To make sure you get the product right for you, take the trouble of comparing among these products. That way you can be sure that you’re getting the right product with the best specifications and for the cheapest price.

Talking of modern day devices, you will come across with some devices that which have some prerequisites to function. For instance, some deer alerts needs to have an open view of the highway or road surface. As opposed to the magnet based alert devices, most others require that you drill in two or three mounting holes to house them on your. You need to mount it facing a direction to ensure that it remains in a 45 degree position to its front road surface, usually in the road plane’s 6 to 3 feet. This ensures that they reach maximum efficiency levels.

Moreover, you also need to run a wire or two from the mechanism through the car’s engine compartment and also through its firewall in the vehicle. As you can understand, you need to locate a suitable location to conveniently operate the ON/OFF switch. Remember that you need to operate the switch from the driving seat. And it’s really interesting how some deer alerts are activated. For instance, flashing the car’s headlights high beam two times power the car alert device ON. That’s how standard models are simple to install as they go with their link to the car’s head lights.

On the other hand, some deer alerts are made of a pair of 2-inch long, pellet shaped devices that can effortlessly be mounted onto the face-bumper of your car, truck or motorbike. As these vehicle reach certain speed (usually over 30 mph), the air running through the devices’ cylinder produces a special ultrasonic signal (usually from 16,000 to 20,000 Hertz. And this sound can go as far as ¼ mile away (just about the size of four football fields!), plainly stopping deer, rabbits and similar types of animals while they’re approaching your car. Fortunately, sound produced by these deer-alerts can’t be noticed by passengers while they’re inside the vehicle. And neither does such sound irritate anyone on the wayside. That’s why you can consider shopping for deer alerts that suit your car.
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